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Jalan Ara SD 7/3B Bandar Sri Damansara, Malaysia
JL. By Pass Ngurah Rai 73 Kedonganan-Kuta 80361 Bali-Indonesia

· Sulzer Hickham Indonesia, Cikampek-West Java
Job trainee, January 2004-February 2004
- Study the reparation and services on Terry Steam Turbine

- Took part on turbomachines maintenance

· PT. Daya Adira Mandiri, Bandung-West Java
Engine tune up trainee, August 2000
- Study the engine light services on motorcycle

- Took part on motorcycle tune up

· KSS Student College, Bandung-West Java
Part time teacher, September 2004-Present
- Teaching high school Math and Physics

- Private teaching of junior high school student

· Tri Mulia High School, Bandung-West Java
Part time teacher, Nov’ 2004-January 2005
- Teaching high school Math

· Pasundan 3 High School, Cimahi-West Java
Part time teacher, March’ 2005-May’ 2005
- Teaching high school Math

· SMUN 4 Denpasar, Denpasar-Bali
Full time teacher, May’ 2005-present
- Teaching English based Math for high school

· Platform
Windows 9x/XP, MS Office Applications
· Mechanical Engineering CAD

· AutoCAD R14/2000
5 years of practical experience on 2D drawings and sketching
· Solid Work 2001
1 year of practical experience on 3D drawings and assembly
· MSC Visual Nastran
1 year of practical experience on 3D animations and visual FEA
· Application
Macromedia Flash, animation software
· Teaching
Class and private teaching of junior and senior high school student
· Senior High School
1 year experience of teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry
· Junior High School
9 months experience of teaching Math and Physics

Managing and Project Leaderships:
· Balinese Dance Course
Leader of Balinese Dance Course
Bandung-West Java 2000

· Hindu Student Society
Chancellor of weekly member meeting
ITB-West Java 1999

· United Student Society
Chancellor Member of campus orientation for new students
ITB-West Java 1999

· Mechanical Engineering Student Society
Project Leader of graduate celebration
ITB-West Java 1999

· Mechanical Engineering Student Society
Board Member of new member recruitment
ITB-West Java 1999

· Balinese Dance Course
Project Leader of annual performance
Bandung-West Java 1999

· Balinese Art Student Society
Leader of new member recruitment and training
ITB-West Java 1999

Volunteer Experiences:
· Balinese Art Performance, West Europe
Dancer, July 2002
Hold traditional dance and musical performance in France and Germany

· Motorcycle Light Engine Tune Up, Bandung-West Java
Mechanic, July 2000
Hold and took part on car and motorcycle engine light tune up

· Nasional High School, Bandung-West Java
Part time teacher, May 2004
Hold discussions and teaching high school Math

· Balinese Art Student Society, ITB-West Java
Trainer, 1999-2004
Train Balinese music instruments, and dances to the new members

· Bandung Institute of Technology,
ITB-West Java, July 2004
Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering

· State Senior High School 4 Denpasar
Denpasar-Bali, 1995-1998
· State Junior High School 1 Kuta
Kuta-Bali, 1992-1995
· State Elementary School 1 Kedonganan
Kuta-Bali, 1986-1992

Scientific Institutional Publications:
· Bachelor Degree Thesis
ITB-West Java, June 2004
Title : Desain dan Konstruksi Boneka Mekanik dengan Software Gambar Solid
Objective: Virtual designing and constructing a human skeleton mechanical puppet
Abstract : Virtual designing of human skeleton mechanical puppet using mechanical CAD (AutoCAD 2000, and Solid Work 2001), virtually animated using MSC Visual Nastran, and continued by mechanical construction actuated with DC motors and electrical controls

· Job Trainee Report
Cikampek-West Java, January 2004
Title : Inspeksi dan Perbaikan Rotor Turbin Uap Terry Model 104-JT (P-3/4)
Objective: Observe the inspections and maintenance of Terry Steam Turbine
Abstract : Observing the overall maintenance of turbomachinery equipment (compressors, gas and steam turbines, pumps, and casing), especially Terry Steam Turbine, including; inspections, repair, assembling, and packaging

· Entrepreneurship Assignment
ITB-West Java, December 2004
Title : Peluang Bisnis Boneka Mekanik
Objective: Observe and analyse the business opportunity of mechanical puppet production

· Mechanical Elements Assignment I
ITB-West Java, July 2003
Title : Desain dan Kalkulasi Turbin Air Microhydro
Objective: Recalculate and analyse the engineering specifications of Microhydro Water Turbine

· Mechanical Elements Assignment II
ITB-West Java, December 2003
Title : Desain dan Pembuatan Kendaraan Mini Tenaga Jet
Objective: Design and construct a mini waterjet powered vessel

· Mechanical Design Assignment
ITB-West Java, December 2003
Title : Desain dan Konstruksi Topeng Gajah Mekanik
Objective: Design and mechanical analysis of mechanical elephant mask

· Bahasa Indonesia Assignment
ITB-West Java, December 1999
Title : Pengaruh Pupuk NPK dan Urea terhadap Pertumbuhan Kecambah
Objective: Observe and analyse the influence of Urea and NPK fertilizer on soybean growth

· Prof. Dr. Ir. Indra Nurhadi
Bachelor degree thesis chancellor
Computational Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology
· Prof. Dr. Ir. Komang Bagiasna
Bachelor degree education chancellor
Dynamics Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology

· Semi final contestant
STKIP Singaraja-Bali, 1997
Olympic of Senior High School Chemistry of Bali Province

· Contestant
Udayana University-Bali, 1996
Olympic of Senior High School Physics of Bali Province

· Final, 3rd position
EEC Denpasar-Bali, 1996
English of Senior High School of Denpasar Regency

· Bahasa Indonesia
Mother tongue, fluent speaking and writing
· English
TOEFL Grade 576 held by ITB (Institutional)
· Reading comprehension: 59
· Listening comprehension: 58
· Structure & written expression: 56

· Balinese Arts

Gamelan (Balinese traditional musical instruments), dances, language and letter, painting and drawing
· Sports

Mountain bike, cross country walking, karate, fitness, jogging, swimming
· Teaching

Teacher of English based Math at SMUN 4 Denpasar

Individual Datas
· Born: Kuta-Bali, February 26, 1980
· Religion: Hindu
· Family
I Komang Weka :Brother
I Wayan Berata :Father
Ni Made Sukarmi :Mother
· Address
JL. By Pass Ngurah Rai 73 Kedonganan, Kuta-Bali 80361 Indonesia


Balinese giant puppet, usually in the form of demon, performed at the night before Nyepi at almost every village in Bali

Me & Family

1. Me & family at home in Kuta, Bali.
2&5. Me, at the Mechanical Engineering Dept. Library-ITB, July 2005
3. My brother Komang Weka & Dwi (cousin)
4. My dad, Pak Wayan Berata