Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Walk at Central Market KL

Hahahaha.... another holiday. Had a walk to Central Market.
First plan was to find pirated DVD softwares, but cant find, really dissaponted. So, just have lunch at Mamak (Indian food), eat chicken burgers (local), ais potong (local ice cream), just having fun.... and lookin' for girls (quite asurd to get one).

Listen to local musician playin' on the street (seems Indonesian), and people sometimes just sit and listen to their melodies. As usual, with my half bold hair, boot cut pant, and small sized enough though...

Back to Pantai Dalam (my apartment) by LRT Trans (train) to KL Sentral
(Central of all KL's transport system; bus, taxi, train, monorail, even
to airport). Then by bus to Pantai Dalam (U74-the bus number).
Here some pic from e:

Khmer Divine

Friday, December 28, 2007


Wah.... another weekend, free out of duties...
Yesterday, got my hair cut. Actually, it's short enough, don't like the style though, so near bald I had now, 1/2 cm or less.
Today, Friday, went to office with my boot cut jeans and short sleeved shirt. Feel pretty relax at work.

A sales engineer come to the office, explain bout planetary gear he's saling, that our design can't really match the gear:
1. The ratio couldn't be 1:1, usually the outer ring has 300 rpm max but high torque.
2. The heat generated will be overwhelmed if we apply 1500 rpm, especially 3000 relative rpm
3. The gear is so smooth, that pretty easy to defect, can cause a serious noise and vibration
But he gace us idea to use a special 1:1 customed planetary gear. Want to know? We'll discuss it at office by Monday. Hey, Tuesday we're free again.... Happy New Year...

Yesterday also a startin' day to the UM's gym. Feel happy with the complete facilities. Plan to go everyday 7-9 pm after work.
I feel I've managed to adapt my work and tasks already. Yesterday, presentation and brainstorming design, I can show my knowledge of calculating and drawing sketches.

But today, the office secretary resign, after 4 months work. Kak Ros, maybe feel pretty bored at her lonely desk.
Also sent email to M98, bout M department of ITB, bou our lectures. They respond me petty well.
Thanks guys

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmast Holiday

Ah... just an ordinary holiday, got nothing to do. Tomorrow gotta work again, will be my second week at Sync R&D, Damansara.
Bad day today, motorcycle run out of gas, went buy a liter of gas, pour it... still can't start....damn what a day.
ah... now still trackning a route for bus, tomorrow will use it instead of my god damned motor.

With bus to LRT Universiti, the to Kelana Jaya, with bus again to Sri Damansara (taxi maybe)....whatever.
Got to evaluate the new task for the engineering project tomorrow.

Ah... what a work, still no clues what to do.... just a new junior.. watching doing nothing..... yet
Hopefully will be much better next week.
Ah... sleepy though